Farm Fresh Produce
Find your favorite fresh produce at Fresh Value Marketplace! All our produce are grown in US and Canada unless otherwise indicated.

Get your Bread, Burger & Hot Dog Buns, & your different types of Toast all in one visit at our bakery section. Yes, we have a variety for all of your diet needs!

Grocery Specials

Your favorite grocery brands, from Folgers Coffee, to Kellogg’s Cereal, to Heinz Ketchup, you think of a name, and you’ll find it on our shelves!

Home Care

Yes! We also have your favorite hygiene, beauty, and home products. From Shampoos, to lotions, to detergent and facials, we’d like to be your one stop shop for your family needs!

Fresh Meat

We pride in calling our store your favorite meat market because we’ll provide you with everything from fresh butchered meats, to a variety of poultry, to an abundance of seafood options!


You’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to cook? Grab some of our frozen collection and the meal will be ready within 20 minutes for you and your family!


Don’t forget to add calcium, vitamin C and D to your diet with our dairy selection. We also carry quick to make doughs that’ll make delicious snacks for your family!

Beer & Wine

Yes! We carry all types of alcohol that your party needs! From Rose, to Vodka, to the Whiskeys! No more liquor store stops needed!

Bill Pay

Pay your bills, cash your check, transfer your money, and create your money orders here at Fresh Value Marketplace

Food Stamps and Wic

We accept your Food Stamps and WIC vouchers!

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